Thursday, July 16, 2009

Imagine Makeup Your Skin Will Love!

Originally developed as a makeup alternative for women with sensitive
skin, mineral makeup has come into its own and is now the most
popular cosmetic base in the world. Its versatility, weightless feel,
easy application and non-irritating properties appeal to a new
generation of women who are demanding more natural choices for
their skin.

Look Instantly Younger!

RAW’s revolutionary minerals are infused with active botanicals proven to dramatically minimize the signs of aging.

RAWMinerals has an advanced formulation with pure plant extracts and powerful peptides that work together to instantly perfect your complexion while improving the condition of your skin over time.

VitaFirm Complex

• Rich in naturally occurring, high-performance botanical

• Peptides help protect skin collagen, the structural protein that
keeps skin firm and tight

• VitaFirm has been proven in a clinical study to help improve the
appearance of smoothness and elasticity up to 35% while
preventing moisture loss by 60%

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